Epson 220 XL Black

$18.00 Inc GST & Delivery

Epson 220 XL Black New Compatible Ink Cartridge

An Epson 220 XL Black High yield ink cartridge for use in:

Epson XP220, XP320, XP324, XP420, Workforce 2630, Workforce 2650, Workforce 2660

Please note: these Epson 220 XL Black inks are the high yield versions. 

Price includes delivery to all major cities and towns in Australia.

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Epson 220 XL Black New Compatible Ink Cartridge

An Epson 220 XL Black High yield ink cartridge for use in:


Please note: these Epson 220 XL Black inks are the high yield versions. 

Price includes delivery to all major cities and towns in Australia.

Captain Cartridge Online discount policy: Epson 220XL

Price shown is for a Epson 220 XL Black (1 unit).
Purchase 2-4 units of this item for 5% discount.
Purchase 5-9 units of this item for 10% discount.
Purchase 11+ units of this item for 20% discount.

Discount is for Epson 220 XL Black and is applied at the checkout. Single cartridges can be added after purchasing one of these sets.

Epson part # is C13T294192 or Epson 220 HY Black but they are referred to as Epson 220 XL Black

Our products protect our reputation.

Captain Cartridge offers a replacement guarantee if any of our products do not meet our customers standards. Captain Cartridge only sells a Premium Range of Compatible Ink Cartridges.

Captain cartridge Dye based cartridges use premium dye components sourced from Germany and pigment dispersion are sourced from one of the most respected suppliers in the USA, many Ausjet non genuine inkjet cartridges contain more ink than other brands which means better value and more prints.

Our single source of all compatible cartridges is an Australian company based in Brisbane who employ vigorous in-house testing procedures prior to releasing new products. They did 6 months of testing 5 each of 16 cartridge models from 18 different manufacturers. Yes, it took a long time and was a very expensive exercise. But well worth it in the end as we believe that the AUSJET range is the most reliable series of high quality non genuine inkjets available in Australia.

Unlike the vast majority of non genuine compatibles available in the market place which only use dye (much cheaper than pigment ink) in all their cartridges, where possible and practical Captain Cartridge uses a pigment ink, which means sharper prints, which are smudge, highlighter, UV and water resistant!

These days the printer manufacturers are making it harder to supply after market generic products.  It is illegal for them to completely lock us out (restriction of trade laws) but they put chips on all the cartridges which are designed to create problems and scare the customer into using their products

Good Old Fashioned Service.

Some cartridge companies will call you up constantly and try to trick you into buying very expensive inferior quality cartridges.  They ship products direct from China with no pre-testing, and in many cases they are not designed for the Australian market.  When you have problems they are hard to deal with.  If you have had these problems in the past with other companies, we ask you to try Captain cartridge, we will refund or replace any of our products that are not satisfactory.

Click here to see some examples of these dodgy companies, many owned by the same family trading under dozens of business names calling all over Australia.

Captain Cartridge is  proudly Australian, founded in 1999 and will always support Australian businesses and Australian consumers.

Captain Cartridge will never call you, harass you, put you on a contract or send you goods that you have not ordered.

Please note, page counts are based on the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) page counts.  Many compatible ink cartridges will be higher.  This count is based on the industry standard of 5% and may not reflect your individual use.

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Weight .805 kg
Dimensions .365 × .12 × .17 cm

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