The Captain Cartridge Sunshine Coast Team

Captain Cartridge Company Profile:

Captain Cartridge was founded in September 1999 by Ian and Lucy Hazzard. We specialised in delivering ink cartridges, toner cartridges and refill kits. After many years and many thousands of satisfied customers, we still remember that our most important asset is our customer service.

We provide prompt, friendly and reliable service, combined with the high quality products.   You can be assured that you are dealing with the best cartridge retail company in Australia…….(maybe the world!!).

With less focus on mass marketing, and more on well-researched insights matching our consumer’s needs and values, we offer “Good Old fashioned Service” with high quality products.  In other words, we value our customers and do everything in our power to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied.

We are constantly evolving.

Something that we have done recently, is we have changed our supplier to a small Australian company.  That’s right, we have added a middleman, this may not make sense at a time where so many businesses are trying to cut out the middle man to make more money, but there are good reasons for our tactics, and our customers are the big beneficiaries.

To explain our reasons briefly, many of our competitors still order direct from China and have a huge failure rate (they obviously wont advertise this but click here to read one example).  Yes, the faulty products are replaced (maybe), but in the meantime  you have had the inconvenience of waiting for a replacement.  

Our philosophy is that we would prefer to pay a little more for our products knowing that an Australian supply company has done the research to ensure that:
1. All electronic components such as chips will work in Australian models.
2. The Ink or Toner is of a high quality either matching or exceeding the original manufactures quality guidelines.
3. The Cartridge and the Ink or Toner inside it, is compatible with your exact model of printer.
4. The quantity of Ink or Toner is same or more (in many cases) than the original brand equivalent.
5. Ink and Toner is sourced from European or US companies instead of Chinese companies.

Whilst we have always taken steps to ensure our products remain fault free, we now have an even higher satisfaction rating, with nearly zero customers having problems. In many cases these problems are sorted on the spot with a simple phone call.  All of our products are 100% guaranteed but in the unlikely event that we have supplied a cartridge that does not meet your expectations or does not work properly, a replacement cartridge is shipped immediately.

Ink & Toner Cartridge information. (and problems!)

If you have been ordering some brands in the past but don’t know if they are OK for your equipment, we can offer some advice from our experiences. 

Inks and toners require a very particular mix of chemicals to work properly, some of the Chinese ink is no better than water with dye in it.  All print heads require lubrication to maintain themselves.  If essential chemicals like oils are missing, you are doing irreversible damage to you print head and printer.  Cheaper ink will cost you more in the long run.

Grey imports are also a common problem, these are items made for a foreign market but imported and sold in Australia.  Some direct ship companies will send grey imports direct from overseas where the rules are more relaxed or non-existent.  The boxes and packaging are identical to the genuine product so you are non the wiser until you notice the poor quality.  Your printer warranty is void when Grey import cartridges are installed.

It’s a minefield out there in the cartridge world, but we are here to help.  All of our products are of the highest quality, or we refuse to sell them.

Why should you use Captain Cartridge.

Our pricing is very competitive especially considering our products are of high quality.  Its like comparing a cheap Asian car to a European made car.  They both get you from A to B, but one is much more reliable, more economical and will last longer.  I know which one I prefer.  Saying that, we feel we are still competitive when compared to some of the cheaper brands.  In some cases we are cheaper as we don’t charge delivery fees.

We like to keep this website very clean in order for it to load quickly. We don’t have huge listings of printers and cartridges that you don’t need.  Just type your printer or cartridge number in the search box. You will see what is relevant to your enquiry if available. Older products are removed regularly. They are still available, but you may need to send us an email stating your machine / Cartridge number.

Please take some time to view all the options available on the website.  Please contact us if something you are looking for is not there or if you have any other queries.

We look forward to being of service to you.

The Captain Cartridge Team.

In order to protect our environment, please dispose of your old cartridge’s in an environmentally friendly manner. Cartridge disposal Boxes are often provided at most Post offices and many recycle centers at your local dump. Printer consumables are one of the worst items for the environment.   They take 1000’s of years to break up, leaching poisons into the ground throughout that time.