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Welcome to the Captain Cartridge Online Printer Ink Shop.  We want your shopping experience to be as easy as possible.  Just type in your cartridge number, or printer model number into the search box above.  All products include shipping to major cities and towns in Australia.  If you don’t see your cartridge in the results, please send us an email.  Please remember, that we are slowly reloading our products, which is time consuming as we are also assessing pricing and making adjustments (down) to ensure we still offer the best value on the internet.
Payments are made through a secure website, no financial details are kept on our site.
Accepted forms of payment are Mastercard, Visa and Paypal.  As part of our streamlining, we have decided to no longer accept account customers.  Chasing late payments was becoming very time consuming and costly.  Sorry to the 99% of you that were on time, its always the small 1% that ruin it for everyone.  As a compensation our pricing is now discounted. 


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