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Please note:  Captain Cartridge Australia is undergoing a total reconstruction.  Products are being reloaded and all information is being updated including reduced prices.  If you cant find it, please email.

Captaincartridge.com.au is the home of the best value printer cartridges on the web, now optimized for mobile devices.

Captain Cartridge is very simple to use.  Prices are very competitive and delivery is free.  Order multiple items and discounts may apply. No super complicated ordering systems, no run around if there are problems, and we will not ever try to sell you extra items that may never use.

Ink cartridges come in sets which is usually 4 cartridges and bundles which is a set plus an extra black.  **Some printers have more than 4 cartridges, for these printers different sets will be available.**

Toner cartridges are sold as individual units or in the case of colour cartridges, they can be ordered as individual toners or as sets and bundles with substantial discounts.

Captain Cartridge products are high quality, they are researched and tested by an Australian company, we don’t just order from China and hope they work.

With thousands of satisfied customers across Australia, Captain Cartridge is confident that our high quality products, supreme service and reliable delivery systems will have you joining those ranks of satisfied customers very soon.

To start shopping click on the search box at the top of each page and type in your cartridge number or printer number.  If your model does not appear, please send us an email, we continuously remove old products to keep our site clean and fast loading. Click the button below to go straight to our shop page.  Cartridges can be selected by brand or category as well as by search.

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